One Early Education Group centres offer a state-of-the-art childcare service, with locations in Cranbourne East and Wollert. This long day care model is specifically designed to enable your child to thrive within an enriching environment.

The Cranbourne East centre boasts 7 modern childcare rooms and 3 separate outdoor play areas. Each outdoor area has its own vegie patch for children to learn the value of growing their own food.

Embedded within the centre is a structured sport, mindfulness and music program. In the sport program, children have the opportunity to participate in healthy physical activity. The mindfulness program is designed to evoke concentration and stillness. Research shows that better concentration induces a greater chance of early literacy and early numeracy. The music program involves dancing, singing and playing with a variety of percussion instruments. All enrichment programs are delivered by our qualified and passionate Educators.

The ultra-modern cafés at our centres are the best in class and each boasts its own Chef. Our seasonal meal plan is designed by one of the most highly regarded nutritionist in Australia, Caroline Scott. Parents are also invited to stop by for a quick bite at our on-site café, when dropping their children off in the morning.


If you want to find out more please book a tour to see our child care centre, if you're ready to enrol your child please visit out enrolments page for more details.


  • Good Morning,

    I just wanted to say a big thankyou to all the staff at Cranbourne ONE Early Education it's so hard as a parent to even think of leaving your child with strangers but you have all made the whole experience from the start so comforting for me and my daughter!

    She has such a bond already with the staff as they are so attentive, friendly and caring, I couldn't ask for anymore!

    Also I love the menu it's like a restaurant for kids they eat better than me! Haha I'm so happy I chose this day-care to put my trust in looking after my daughter :)

    Kind Regards, Tara Leggo
  • I’m a mum of 3, two of which attend Cranbourne ONE Early Education and they are loving it.

    My eldest son attended a crèche before switching to this one, and he thrives in an environment of play and social interaction but we were struggling with getting his behaviour under control and getting him to sleep at night, usually wasn't before midnight. Since switching to One Learn he is sleeping far better And going to sleep at a much better time and his behaviour has improved. He is involved in all activities and the staff have easily recognised what "works" for Bailey and adapted their approach accordingly.

    My youngest son barely ate a solid, was always breastfeeding never taking a bottle and I sat with him to sleep every day, really struggled to separate from him. He goes twice a week loves the staff and the other kids, he has so much fun and is so happy. He is now sleeping in a cot more, eating HEAPS and drinking from a sippy cup.

    All the staff are so friendly and work with me to make things easier for me and my children. There's no feeling of them "knowing better" and are happy to try other things and best of all, let me in on what they've found has worked for them to get my boys to do something.

    Picking a child care or making the decision to send my child in to care wasn't taken lightly but it was what was right for us and I'm so glad I made the choice to send my children here - makes me worry less!

    Regards, Jessica Singleton
  • Cranbourne One Early Education is a one in a million Centre. My son who has just turned 5 is in their Kinder program he is my 3rd child to be in a child care based kinder program and I would have to say the implementation of their unique programs is amazing. The owners and all the staff make you feel very welcome and nothing is ever a problem.

    My son was determined not to go to Kinder it was a little struggle at first but now he never wants to leave. I cannot thank the staff enough for their warmth, support and encouragement towards my son and my family.

    Emma Rigby
  • Right now I can honestly say that One Early Learning is the most amazing place. I feel so happy when I drop my son off. The attention to detail is what sets it apart. The toys are all super cool and well made, the educators are all beautiful people and so friendly and welcoming. The food looks so good I want to eat there. Thank you.

    Carmel Cammarano
  • I can not recommend One Early Education enough!!! I moved my child from another local centre as I was not happy with the care my child was receiving.

    The director and the staff are absolutely AMAZING & sooo lovely, they are also highly skilled & extremely passionate about looking after the kids!

    Kylie Reed
  • The team at One Early Education have been fantastic. From the time you walk in you are welcomed with open arms and feel quite at home. The team are amazing, friendly and caring and caters for your individual child’s needs.

    What stood out for us was the care taken in planning a childcare centre like One. They have thought about everything from meal planning with a qualified nutritionist, sustainability, outdoor play areas and brain development activity to name a few. We had seen nothing like it and it was all about providing each child with tools for optimum growth and development.

    Zane Ghaith
  • Thank you to the wonderful staff at One Early Education! My son joined the infant room in late March 2017 just after the centre opened. He absolutely loves it there and we feel so comfortable dropping him off there everyday knowing he is in great hands of the awesome staff there. They are really friendly, caring and welcoming and my son has formed a bond with them. Seeing my son learn to share and interact socially is very rewarding and not to mention the amazing food menu as well!

    Brooke Campbell
  • I will definitely recommend One Early Education to any parent who is thinking about enrolling their kids to Kinder or daycare. They have a very friendly staff and carers with exceptional education program in place to prepare your kids for prep. My girls love going there. You also get daily updates with pictures of your child's developmental milestones and activities that they are doing. I have never had this type of informative element from any of the previous daycare I had them in before transferring my kids into One Early Education. We are very happy with them.

  • I had an appointment with a MCH nurse today. Visited this morning, and we started with personal chatting. She knew where i worked at, and so... she told me these amazing things!

    She said that she heard so many good things about ONE educators from many parents, about how friendly we are, how we respond to their requests in positive ways, etc.

    The nurse said that we should be happy and proud of ourselves!

    I thought i better share this news with all of you!

    Have a good night and have a lovely weekend everyone!

    Sarah Kim, Wollert Centre