One Early Education Group Announces Its New Childcare Centre at Cranbourne East. Now Taking Enrolments.

One Early Education Group

One Early Education Group have just announced the grand opening of their new Early Learning Centre in Cranbourne. From Wednesday the 22nd of March, the new service will provide long day care, early education and infant care for residents of the local and broader Melbourne community.

Founder of the ONE Early Leaning group Richard Rice, was asked to describe what made the ONE Early Learning environment so different. “Our centre is totally changing the way that long day care and early learning services are provided. Our program is based around helping children reach their optimal development and includes arts, music, mindfulness and sports enrichment programs.”

The open day, which was held on March 18, showcased the amazing new facility and provided parents with information on the new development programs being offered. It was a huge success with amazing feedback from families. “I was just blown away by how great this new facility is’, said a parent who enrolled. Another said: “Having seen all the long daycare centres in the local area, there’s no doubt this is the best.”


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