All of our enrichment programs are underpinned by our Brain Development Program so your child will thrive.

At One, we bring alive a thriving environment where children can explore, learn & play. Our enrichment programs open up a world of discovery through thoughtfully directed and natural play to create an enriching mosaic of learning opportunities.


Art through music, movement and visual arts introduces children to basic literacy, numeracy and scientific concepts. Dramatic play, singing and dancing develops social skills important for tolerance, understanding and celebrating diversity.


Mindfulness lets young minds tune into the present with curiosity – being fully awake to life! Regular practice can set up great habits and result in increased self-awareness, social awareness, and self-confidence.


Children naturally love active play and we support them to develop physically strong and healthy bodies. Developing gross motor skills is fundamental to many areas of learning and positive early experiences improves wellbeing, confidence and can mean they are more likely to enjoy being active later in life.

THE ONE Curriculum

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If you want to find out more please book a tour to see our child care centre, if you're ready to enrol your child please visit out enrolments page for more details.